COMPETITION for the production of literary/artistic works carried out pursuant to art. 6 DPR 430/2001 point 1 par. a) – Exclusion from prize-based events, its purposes being of a non-commercial nature.


The company INDUSTRIE TESTI S.p.A., with registered office in Via Verdi, 12 – 50053 Empoli (FI), administrative office in Viale Giotto, 28 – 50053 Empoli (FI) – VAT number and tax code 05987630489, intends to announce an initiative aimed at Internet users, registered on Facebook and/or Instagram, adults of Italian nationality or, if foreign, in possession of a regular stay permit.

AREA: National

PERIOD: From 01/02/2017 to 28/02/2017 Jury report within the 14/03/2017.

RECIPIENTS: Internet users, registered on Facebook and/or Instagram, adults of Italian nationality or, if foreigners, in possession of a regular stay permit.

RECOGNITIONS: The first 3 winning contributions will be published on the Facebook page and on the Instagram profile of Rebecca Gioielli as recognition of the personal merit of the respective authors. Also, the author of each of the three winning contributions will receive 1 (one) personalized charm of the value of € 49,00 each.


The aim of the initiative, promoted by INDUSTRIE TESTI S.p.A., is the production of a subject, original and in tune with the mood of the brand, part of which will be used to personalize the recognitions to the authors of the first three winning contributions.

Between 01/02/2017 and 28/02/2017 the recipients will be given the possibility of taking part in this initiative by taking a photographic shot which has as subject the “couple” and which must be provided with a caption, created by the participant, the theme of which should be love and, more specifically, a declaration of love.

The participants’ contributions must be in tune with the world of Rebecca Gioielli and they should draw inspiration from the images made available by the brand on its social channels, producing an original contribution which interprets and is in line with the mood of the brand.

To join the initiative, within 23:59 of the 28/02/2017, candidates must proceed as follows:

  • Take the photographic shot as indicated above.

  • Publish the photograph on your own Facebook and/or Instagram profile by using the reference hashtag #MyRebeccaPromise.

  • The photo must be accompanied by a caption consisting of a promise of love, the text of which must be of a max. of 50 characters.

The participation is free of charge except for the normal connection expense equal to the rate applied by your operator with no additional fees.

Each participant can take part with one or more contributions for the entire duration of the event, but he/she can win the recognition exclusively for the contribution sent which has received the highest score and will therefore be present only once in the classification.


(Consisting of the photo and of the text of the caption)

The content of the contributions sent must not be offensive or contrary to the common sense of decency, nor must it offend the dignity of the persons mentioned or advertise in any way products and/or brands other than the Rebecca brand, nor must it mention or illustrate any religion or religious order.

The contributions that comply with all the requisites mentioned in these regulations and which have been sent between the 01/02/2017 and the 28/02/2017 are considered valid.

The contributions that do not respect the requisites mentioned in these regulations will not take part in the selection.


a. the participant declares that he/she is the exclusive and legitimate owner of all the copyrights and of all rights of exploitation, including economic exploitation, of the “contribution”;

b. the participant declares that he/she is responsible for the content of the “contribution”, releasing INDUSTRIE TESTI S.p.A., and the companies involved in this event, from, and holding it harmless against, any claim and/or action by third parties and he/she will pay INDUSTRIE TESTI S.p.A. damages deriving from any detrimental consequence, including any legal expenses, even of an extrajudicial nature, INDUSTRIE TESTI S.p.A. should suffer following the violation of the above;

c. the participant is also responsible for ascertaining that the realization of the “contribution” gives rise to no legal controversy and that it does not negatively affect the rights of others. Failure to comply with these conditions will entail the exclusion from the competition and the claim of any damages suffered;

d. by sending the “contribution”, the participant, should he/she win the competition, expressly transfers to INDUSTRIE TESTI S.p.A., free of charge, without any time limit, the right to realize, produce and market said contribution, to distribute it, to communicate it to the public, or in any way use such contribution, with any technical means of transmission and through any distribution channel (the press, the internet, any future advertising material). The participant also accepts, whenever possible, that INDUSTRIE TESTI S.p.A. or their successor, publish, including for promotional purposes, the name and surname of the author to accompany the “contribution”, transferring every intellectual property right, irrevocably and free of charge.

Please note that all works must be original and unpublished up to the date of the selection by the jury and must not have taken part to any other competition that may envisage any future realization of the same.


All “contributions” that meet the above-mentioned requirements will be subject to a selection by a jury composed of a maximum of 06 (six) members and a minimum of 02 (two) selected by the promoting company among its employees and collaborators.

The “contributions” will be kept anonymous to the members of the jury, to this end the details of the participants who have sent them will be kept secret. The “contributions” will be numbered progressively and every judge will express a vote from 1 to 10 for each contribution.

The 3 “contributions” that obtain the highest score (given by the sum of the votes expressed by each member of the jury) will be the winners and the corresponding captions will be published on the social channels of INDUSTRIE TESTI S.p.A. , together with the name of each author.

This voting system will allow to draw up a classification list so that, in case the selected authors are unreachable or in case of failed acceptance, the following authors on the list can be used as reserves. In case of equal merit (the same best score) the positioning will be decided upon the criteria and in the way the jury deems more appropriate.

Each participant can appear only once in the list, therefore only the contribution that has obtained the highest number of votes by the jury will be considered.

Within 14/03/2017 the jury will draw up a report containing the names of the selected contributions and of the reserves with the relative scoring obtained (this list will contain a maximum of six names).

The jury will vote upon its unquestionable judgment by taking into account the pertinence with the set theme, imagination, creativity and the originality of the “contribution” sent.

Please note that the jury will view all contributions and will express an evaluation based on merit. However, should none of the contributions be deemed fit to be published, the jury reserves the right not to assign the recognition.


The selected candidates will be informed of the win by means of a private message on Facebook or Instagram within 3 days of the date of the assignment; the win must be accepted within the deadline and in the manner indicated in the message.


  1. The Participants declare that the rules that regulate this promotional initiative have been set out in full on the website www.rebecca.it.

  1. The participation is free and completely free of charge without any obligation to purchase any type of product. The only expenses incurred by the participants are the connection expenses necessary for sending the contribution and to view any communication of the win.

  1. The Promoter cannot be held responsible for any problem of access, obstacle, malfunction or difficulty with the technical instruments, computer, telephone line, transmission or connection, Internet connection, that may prevent a competitor from taking part in this promotional initiative, for causes that are outside the control of said Promoter.

  1. The participant is the only person responsible for the management of his/her e-mail box, particularly with regard to:

  • The viewing of the possible e-mail informing of the win;

  • The adoption of safety measures to prevent other persons, not authorized by the participant, to access the above-mentioned e-mail box.

  1. The participation entails, for those registered, the full acceptance of the rules and clauses contained in these regulations, with no limitation whatsoever.

  1. Personal data processing: by adhering to this initiative, the participants accept that the data provided to the promoter for the participation in this prize-based promotion, are processed in accordance with law decree 196/2003, although the participants may assert the rights mentioned in art. 7 of the above-mentioned decree. The data processing holder and the person responsible is INDUSTRIE TESTI S.p.A.. The holder may appoint an official and persons responsible for the data processing for the purpose of managing the operations of this competition.